Art Direction series

Dinner with Zinnias Dinner with Zinnias was a project I created for a fake thrilling best seller chronicling two southern belles. The Zinnia sisters are in their late teens when the Civil War breaks out. Northern officers commendere their house. The sisters are like the flowers turned firearms on the front cover of the novel. They appear demur, but behind every “God Bless you” leaks sarcasm and a desire for revenge.  

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San Diego Zoo Overnight Safari This bus stop is built to advertise a special Family Overnight Safari called Roar and Snore. I wanted to capture the warmth of family in the color palette that I selected along with the excitement of a safari. I am hoping that the oversized tent and family photo booth will appeal to young and old alike with its message of adventure spent with the ones you love most. The “Animal Family” screen will capture the people standing closest to it  mixed with different animals depending on their heights. The animals will appear into the screen and mirror the viewer’s actions as if the viewer is staring into a mirror. Soft ambient crickets and nature music will play inside the tent to call listeners to the safari and out of the busy city.

This spread alongside the bus stop encourages families to seek an adventure that will put them so close to the animals that they actually become part of the “animal family” as this family blends in with the giraffe family behind them. A link also guides the reader to the safari website where they will be able to scan their own family pictures to create “Animal family pictures.”

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