Roote NC

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Roote NC is a student run business that developed out of a class at UNC called the Creative Incubator. For several semesters journalism students have partnered with business school students to imagine and plan this local food business. This semester we reimagined the business as a gift box creator. We split our class into several teams to develop the personality of individual boxes, my group’s box is called Hill in a Hand basket and would be sent to the “hellion” friend that everyone seems to have. I have learned the process of an entreprenuel endeavor from the first steps of research, the creative copy needed for the website/promotional materials, advertising, pitching the idea (we are currently working on a pitch for several large chain companies in our area and have already pitched it to several local companies), figuring out how to create scholarships that the proceeds of the company fund and finally how we will keep the business running and sustained after we have left Chapel Hill. This project has enabled me to work with fellow students from many different backgrounds to create a business. I have learned to not only function as a creative, but a marketer, entrepreneur, small business owner, accountant, designer and foodie. I could not have asked for a more real life experience than this class has provided me. Check out our website by clicking on the logo above.