Character Creation

This character affectionately called “Mr Mouse” by my Children’s Literature class I enjoyed creating for a project in which we were asked to consider a popular children’s book and totally recreate the feel of the book through illustration and color. The original illustrations are a very lose water color/ colored pencilesque approach. I chose to recreate Mr. Mouse as a scientist who needed all of these things to conduct his secret science work or give himself an Einstein haircut ect. I loved working on this project because I had complete creative license in the design of my character. My favorite illustration is the one of Mr. Mouse blowing bubbles in his milk. I completed an entire book of these illustrations.

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Z is a cute little character that I conceptualized for a piece that I wrote about the conversation that sleep and a college student would share throughout the four years. If you would like to read the piece check it out at

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 12.31.58 PM

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