Non Profit Design Work

Relay for Life I have enjoyed working with Relay for Life of UNC for the past two years first as a publicity and design team member and then as the design sub-chair. As a sub-chair I functioned a bit like an art director working with photographers, designers and copywriters to design good work. I even enjoyed teaching a few members of our team the basics of the Creative Suite. The biggest takeaway I have from working the Relay was a reminder of how important it is to do work that you are passionate about and how wonderful it is to work with people who are also passionate about the cause.

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Just Cure it 5K : a PDF of many of the various branding materials that I created for the first annual 5K


The UNC Center for AIDS Research I worked to develop several potential brand updates for the Center for Aids Research this past summer and acted as an advertising intern who pitched and talked through several future plans for the center throughout the summer and helped with the development of HIV Myth Busters.

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